How I Quit Facebook & Learned To Shut My Damn Mouth

A rather ironic title, given how loquacious I remain on this little blog. Warning: extremely long winded navel gazing lies ahead!

To get the dramatics out of the way immediately: I am a child of the Internet, born in the 1990′s and introduced to Netscape when I was barely out of kindergarten. I have watched the network evolve from static websites, to websites with comments, to where we are today: a time when by far the most popular destinations online are those designed to facilitate human interaction. While the internet has brought many great and wonderful things to our civilization, it may be that this latest development is not as positive as it seems.

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How Green Was My Province

This is the first of a planned series looking at the economic and social state of British Columbia in the 21st century. For those of you who haven’t heard, yesterday the BC legislature passed the innocuous-sounding “Bill 4: Parks Improvement Act” without much attention outside of environmental circles. For most people in BC, the changes brought by this bill will remain unnoticed for many years. For those who make their living by harvesting natural resources, it’s a lifeline which may save careers which have been strangled by decades of unsustainable resource management policies. For a great many citizens however, from the simple backcountry guide to those who view our many provincial parks and protected areas as one of the last frontiers of environmental protection on earth, “Bill 4″ is the final knife in the back after years of slow decline thanks to relentless budget cuts at BC Parks; cuts which … Continue reading